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cylindrical lifepo4 battery cell

cylindrical lifepo4 battery cell
  • cylindrical lifepo4 battery cell
Product name : cylindrical lifepo4 battery cell
Product No. : LF32650
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lifepo4 battery cell,li-ion Phosphate Batteries are the top energy choice for HEV, EV, UPS, electric tools and electric power storage system,  as it is safe,environment-friendly and powerful with long cycle life and no memory effect. 

  Safe: the safest Li-ion battery so far, accredited with SGS CE.
  Environment-friendly: accredited with ROHS, without any hazardous and noxious substances.
  Powerful: able to discharge with 20C at 65℃ max.
  Long cycle life: over 2000 cycles with capacity staying at 80% min.
  No memory effect: always ready for charge and use, with no need to charge after a full discharge.
  Wide temperature range: available for use when the temperature ranges from -20℃ to 70℃.

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